Monday, May 16, 2011

Matchy match

I had extra fabric from my shirt dress I recently made
so I made a couple skirts for the girls. I wanted them to
match but not be the exact same, so this is what I came up
with. Jaden's has the faux placket that looks more similar to my
dress and I've always wanted to try pintucks so that's what I
did with Avery's. Now my mom says we all need to wear
our dresses at the same time but I think that might
be going too far. We'll see. I know Jaden would dig it!


Todd and Lisa said...

Those are so cute Erin! You should really make clothes for little girls and sell them. I would buy them!

winston and jillyn egan said...

How are you so talented??? Those are stinking cute! You should sell your stuff. Really, if I had a girl I would totally buy it!